Extracts from a few letters received from family members of Residents in our care.

“I want to thank you and your entire team for all you have done for my Mother, Eira since she came to you a couple of months ago. It has taken a huge weight off my mind knowing she is so well cared for and treated with dignity and respect.”
Eira’s daughter,
December 2011
“But if Kingswood was only about the bricks and mortar it would still be just another home. The jewel in this place is the management and staff. They are professional and friendly and always treat the patients with dignity. Importantly, they recognize the emotions that family and visitors are feeling and ensure we are welcome and informed. Although every patient has unique needs and behaviours they handle everyone as if they were their own mum or dad and don’t seem to judge”.

“It doesn’t matter what day or time I visit or who is on [duty], I can be guaranteed a friendly greeting and always find the staff engaged in activities or conversation with the patients.”

Don’s Son,
December 2012

“It is not every day that you come across an organisation that has such a passion for what they do. It is even more rare that the values that a business espouses are intrinsic within every member of staff. What is more exceptional is that the product of that passion and those values extend beyond just business and into our personal lives, affecting our families in ways that is quite frankly extraordinary.”

Rose and Annette,
Victor’s daughters,
October 2013