Our Mission Statement & Philosophy

Our Mission Statement & Philosophy
Mission Statement:-

Providing dignified care for the Elderly


  • A caring, home-like environment where the Older Person can live with the dignity, honour and respect they deserve as senior members of our community.
  • Safe havens for our Residents, responding to their changing needs and continually measuring and improving the quality of our services to them.
  • Support at all times by qualified staff that will provide the highest level of ongoing individualized care appropriate to the needs of each and every Resident.
  • Support and treatment for alleviation of pain and suffering.
  • Full and understandable explanations of individual treatment, medication, and progress.
  • Access to doctors, counsellors and other health-care professionals whenever needed.
  • Individual recognition and respect for the privacy of the Residents and their personal possessions.
  • Encouragement of a feeling of personal security.
  • The encouragement and opportunity for each Resident to follow their own religious and cultural beliefs.
  • Stimulating contact with people of all ages and the opportunity to be involved in therapeutic and challenging activities within the home and/or community.
  • Through the “Spark of Life” Philosophy we will re-ignite the human spirit, boost self-esteem and bring joy to life in our Residents, ensuring that the Kingswood Rest Homes are places where the Residents love living, their families and friends love visiting and the staff love working.